We can only see a short distance ahead,
but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.

Since I began studying computer science at Santa María Technical University in Valparaíso, Chile, I was always amazed and intrigued by Artificial Intelligence and how people could write software to be smart. Later on and following this interest, I got myself into the fields of Scientific Computing, Machine Learning and Data Science and Visualization, where I am still eager to learn everything I can in order to create intelligence and give machines their own minds.

My internships at Paranal

On the summer of 2018 I was an intern at ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) Observatory located in Mt. Paranal, near Antofagasta. I had the chance to face the vast amount of data produced by the complex instruments up there, with the task of building informative visualizations to aid in the instrument's troubleshooting. It was a precious experience, really challenging, useful and I had a great time. This summer I'm comming back to Paranl, to work from where I left off.

The engineering team is updating their monitoring toolset, by the time I got there, they already had a Grafana engine but it was not enough as it didn't provide enough flexibility when it came to building the visualizations. Gathering data from different sources in different formats to apply specific filters was not an easy task, so the idea of these internships is to build these visualizations from scratch using Python.

My work experience at U-Planner

U-Planner is a provider of technical solutions for educational institutions, mainly focused on automatization of certain management processes. On the winter of 2018 I did an internship in the Data Science division there, it was an intense experience where I was given real problems to work with and a lot of trust from the company to solve them. It was great to work with young data scientists in a cooperative environment.


Plotly is an amazing interactive visualization library I've been working with for some time now. In its core it is a javascript library but its clients Plotly.py and Plotly.R make it suitable for data science and scientific applications in general, and you can easily export your visualizations to use them in a web frontend.

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